Chestnut Hill Collection Lauren Brooke 10 Books Set

08th May 2020
Chestnut Hill Collection is a horse novel series written by Lauren Brooke, these books targeted at pre-adolescent girls who are interesting on horse riding. Chestnut hill books revolves around four girls, who all live together at boarding school in Virgin... Read >

Michael Grant BZRK Series 3 Books Collection Set

08th May 2020
BZRK 3 Books Collection set, it is an Action-adventure thriller series written by International bestselling American author Michael Grant. Bzrk trilogy is based on Conjoined twins, Charlie and Benjamin Armstrong, In this series BZRK is the code name of gr... Read >

Usborne Phonics Readers Series 2 - 7 Books Collection

30th April 2020
Another ripping books Set from Usborne to engage children. Usborne Phonics Readers series 2- 7 Books collection set. Extremely appealing and entertaining series suitable for children who are beginning to read. Educating children through fun and enjoyable ... Read >

Action- Packed Thriller Alex Rider Series Collection 10 Books Set

30th April 2020
Anthony Horowitz has gifted his fans a smart and intelligent teenage spy named Alex Rider through his incredible Alex Rider Series Collection. The series encloses 10 exciting rip-roaring stories which will capture your heart. An Action packed Adventure T... Read >

Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot Classic Mysteries 6 Books

30th April 2020
A thrilling detective fiction books set written and illustrated by Agatha Christie. The book deals with a story of investigation of the butcher with suspicious scenario and the collection set are stimulating one for the readers. In the set all seven books... Read >

Badger the Mystical Mutt Magic Dog 6 Books Collection

23rd January 2019
Badger the Mystical Mutt set to be the Top Dog of childrenís books and filled with attractive and very funny childrenís story. The ultimate theme of all Badger books is about succeeding our dreams, hope and self-belief. Itís a truly mythical story which h... Read >

60 book set of MiIly, Molly early readerís collection

04th June 2017
Milly, Molly series of early reader books suitable for children of ages from 5 to 7. The series is of 6 levels with 10 books in each level. Helps in boosting childrenís confidence and teach them to think about what they are reading. The series was inscrib... Read >

How to Talk So Kids and Teens Will Listen 3 Books Collection Set.

04th June 2017
How to Talk So Kids and Teens Will Listen 3 Books Collection Set, It is a best collection for children and teens written by world famous parenting authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. This collection is explained about child discipline with Playful Par... Read >

How to Talk So Kids and Teens Will Listen To Parent Collection 3 Books Set

04th June 2017
How to Talk So Kids and Teens will Listen to Parent Collection 3 Books Set are the Fabulous Bestselling Book Collection Authored by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, internationally famed, award winning experts on adult-child communication. The Books are s... Read >

Dork Diaries Rachel Renee Russell Collection 8 Books Set

06th February 2017
Dork Diaries Collection 8 Books set inscribed by Rachel Renee Russell is the bestselling humorous children's book series of all time which chronicles the realistic middle school issues. Some of the events in the series are personal anecdotel of the author... Read >

Fifty Shades Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set by E.L. James

06th February 2017
Fifty Shades Trilogy Series Collection Authored by E.L. James is one of the most Amazing and Thrilling Erotic Romance series ever. Fastest-selling Paperback. All the three books in the series are very interesting because of its wild romance, creepy twists... Read >

Skulduggery Pleasant 8 Books Set by Derek Landy

06th February 2017
The Skulduggery Pleasant Collection is an amazing Horror-Fiction Series written by Irish Author, Derek Landy. It's a mixture of horror, humor and fantasy. The Entire series enchants the terrific adventures of a Skelton detective, Skulduggery pleasant wh... Read >

Beast Quest Series 1_6 books set by Adam Blade

06th February 2017
The Beast Quest Series 1- 6 books authored by Adam Blade is one of the awesome fantasy series. It is presented in a simple way having cool pictures which will be loved by everyone especially childrens who are interested in adventure stories. All the books... Read >

The Chronicles of Narnia books set_ available at Snazal

06th February 2017
The chronicles of narnia is a series of seven fancy novels written by famous author C.S. Lewis. C.S.Lewis is best known for his fictitious work. It is one of the popular fantasy novels which will be loved by everyone especially childrens who love to read ... Read >