60 book set of MiIly, Molly early readerís collection

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Milly, Molly series of early reader books suitable for children of ages from 5 to 7. The series is of 6 levels with 10 books in each level. Helps in boosting childrenís confidence and teach them to think about what they are reading. The series was inscribed by Gill Pittar and is illustrated by Cris Morrell. Published in 2000 and translated to 40 languages. It was published by Sweet Cherry Publishing. Easy to read books filled with amusing dazzling illustrations. Each and every book in the Milly Molly series teaches a new lesson also offers an opportunity for the enhancement of vocabulary.

The series depicts the story of two children Milly, a 7 year old girl of dark skin and hair and Molly, 7 year old girl of light skin and bright blonde orange hair. They both are good friends from different ethnic backgrounds. Each Milly Molly book promotes learning of life skills. It is a heart touching story that will be cherished by children forever.

The Milly, Molly series of picture books is a fantastic collection of stories that children will relate to and treasure. The characters are vibrant, colorful children who are full of happiness and values. Each book foster different values within the story and each book encourages accepting and admiring diversity. This Milly Molly Books Collection is an amazing example of the positive impact books can have on children. Every books in the series will be a favourable addition to any home library and can be used in teaching the substantial values that all children today should possess.

The central theme of the Milly Molly series is "We may look different, but we feel the same". Entire Milly Molly books in the set are down to earth well written life stories for children to learn and reflect on the message themselves. The books promote leniency, diversity and understanding. On each adventure in the story, Milly and Molly face with everyday issues, such as respect for others, honesty, cooperation, bullying and more. Children who are lucky enough to meet Milly and Molly will face variety of fascinating adventures deliberated to help them treasure diversity and learn to deal with challenges of life.

The simple stories complemented by jocular illustrations are highly entertaining as well as educational, with important ,moral life values contrived completely into each plot. All the books in the 60 book set of Milly Molly series are interesting and enthralling to children and fulfill their curiosity while also allowing free elucidation of deeper levels of meaning.

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