Badger the Mystical Mutt Magic Dog 6 Books Collection

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Published: 23rd January 2019
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Badger the Mystical Mutt set to be the Top Dog of childrenís books and filled with attractive and very funny childrenís story. The ultimate theme of all Badger books is about succeeding our dreams, hope and self-belief. Itís a truly mythical story which has all the trademarks of an eventual childrenís classic. Lyn McNichol and Laura Jackson have done a brilliant job writing their Badger the Mystical Mutt books for children aimed at 5 to 9 year olds.

In this book collection set they are introducing the amusing Badger, a dog with curious and extraordinary magical power. Badger is a delightful little Black & White dog that spends a lot of time dreaming and engrossing toast, he also happens to have magical powers here are lots of other wonderful characters as well. This Badger the Mystical Mutt books set is really entertaining and inspirational words combine elegantly with the absurd illustrations.

Titles contain in Badger the Mystical Mutt collection are: Badger and the Flying Fez, Badger and the Day Dream Drivers, Badger the Mystical Mutt, Badger and the Crumpled Capers Badger and the Barking Boogie, Badger and the Enchanting Exchange.

Description by titles:

Badger and the Flying Fez

Badger the Mystical Mutt creates his unstable magic once again in this tale of friendship and difficulty. Itís the most essential night of the year, a gang reunion. But someone is missing from the gang Badgerís neckerchief, and Pickleís best friend, Pogo Paws. Without chief he can save paws or cause more problems? It makes for a bright and very entertaining read.

Badger and the Day Dream Drivers

Lennie is new team leader of the gang, he having abhorrent nightmare. Badger wants to help his friend for that dream catcher needs jewel from Jupiter. Itís added interesting and funny moments when they visit the crystal cave to find out the gemstone and interesting twist on development of luxury doghouses.

Badger the Mystical Mutt

This is the first book in the series and it begins with some stories and Badger helping other people with his magic. Pet Idol is in town and the favorites to be the winner is Hamish, who is a floppy-eared spaniel. But as the public eye falls on the lane, Top Dog and his gang of abandon are chased by the Dog Catcher, and blame Hamish for their problem. But with Badgerís help things take some accidental turns. This book is very well written and it is full of magical, wild events.

Badger and the Crumpled Capers

Itís a winter season, Mystical Muttís garden was a little bit crushed and travelling also little bit issue. This book concentrated on the relationship between dog and cat. Tommy form the cats gang separately want to accompany with dogsí gang. But cats wonít be allowed to join the dogís gang. Can dogs and cats ever truly roar along together? How can badger solve that problem?

Badger and the Barking Boogie

There is a dance challenge in the Barking Boogie, but a dirty smell about the avenue is conserving all kinds of problems, really funny and quite sweet. What is going to happen there? Will Badger the Mystical Mutt save the day?

Badger and the Enchanting Exchange

Now the pickle and the pogo paws are new joint leaders of the gang. A travelling circus is arrived on the lane with an amazing appeal a real Minotaur. But Minotaur wants to return home and Pogo Paws is homesick, The Minotaur's labyrinth is in a parallel universe called Esterious, and Pogo Paws' circus is far, far away. Badger and his magic are as ever at hand to try and help to his friends to find their way home.

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