Beast Quest Series 1_6 books set by Adam Blade

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The Beast Quest Series 1- 6 books authored by Adam Blade is one of the awesome fantasy series. It is presented in a simple way having cool pictures which will be loved by everyone especially childrens who are interested in adventure stories. All the books are very amazing and interesting because of its adventures, mysteries, suspense's etc. Through this amazing series, Adam Blade telling us the story of a beautiful imaginary magical land called Avantia.

The six books in the series are titled as: Beast Quest Ferno ( Fire Dragon No 1), Beast Quest Sepron (Sea Serpent No 2), Beast Quest Arcta (Mountain Giant No 3), Beast Quest Tagus (Horse Man No 4), Beast Quest Nanook (Snow Monster No 5), Beast Quest Epos (Flame Bird No 6).

In the first book Beast Quest Ferno, we can see that the powerful beasts of the land Avantia got enchanted by the evil wizard Malvel. Only a brave hero can save their land from this evil. Ferno is the dragon living on a mountain of Avantia who guards the winding river. Ferno, the fire dragon was the first beast to be freed in the first series. The king chooses tom to go on a quest of releasing Beast Ferno from the evil's magical bond. When he goes out for the quest he meets a girl named elenna, an horse and a wolf. They together go to mountain to fight against the powerful beast Ferno.

The second beast that tom and his friends has to face was the beast sepron, sea serpent who has been causing strong floods over the coast of avantia and also ruining fishing. All the people were frightened by the adventures that created by the beast sepron. Here we can see how tom fight against the powerful beast sepron and how he is releasing sepron from the evil's threat. One of the fantastic adventure book of the series that contains lots of mysteries and suspense's.

In the Third book Beast Quest Arcta, Here the Beast Arcta is one of the good beast of the series. Here author presents the quest of tom to release arcta, the mountain giant from evil's threat. Tom have got some power from the beasts ferno and sepron which he have released from evil earlier. With the help of this power and his friends they will strongly fight against the evil. Finally the beast will get released and tom will receive a magical eagle feather from the beast Arcta.

In the fourth book, Beast Quest Tagus (Horse man ), here tom has to defeat the nightmare beast tagus who has been terrorizing the plains and spreading wild fire over the plains. All the people and animals were very frightened. The strong battle between the hero, tom and the beast has been presented here.

The fifth book Beast Quest Nannok, here we can see the fifth beast Nanook, the Snow Monster. It is found in the icy plains, north part of Avantia. Here we can see the journey of tom and his friends to find the snow monster. The strong legend battle that takes place in the frozen plains will make every reader with curious and anxiety.

The sixth book of the series was Beast Quest Epos, it presents the adventures created by the final beast named Epos, the flame bird. Most dreadful beast of the series who is living in the stonewin volcano. If the volcano erupts it will destroy the entire land avantia. Tom has to fight to stop him from destroying the land. Most enchanting book of the Beast Quest series.

Beast Quest Series, by Adam Blade is considered as one of the most remarkable series ever.Because of it's simple and beautiful illustration, the series have become one of the favorites among children. Very interesting and exciting fancy series of all the time.

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