Chestnut Hill Collection Lauren Brooke 10 Books Set

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Chestnut Hill Collection is a horse novel series written by Lauren Brooke, these books targeted at pre-adolescent girls who are interesting on horse riding. Chestnut hill books revolves around four girls, who all live together at boarding school in Virginia and they all take classes and ride horses in the boarding school campus. Titles in this set are The New Class, Making of Strides, Heart Of Gold, Playing For Keeps, Team Spirit, All or Nothing, Chasing Dreams, A Time to Remember, Helping Hands and Racing Hearts.
The New Class: - welcome to chestnut hill boarding school, every girlís favorite subject is riding. Dylan Walsh has always attending chestnut hill for horse riding. She is a first year in boarding school but she was not afraid of high class horses and red ribbon riders then Dylan being very popular and talented in chestnut hill boarding school.
Making of Strides: - Malory has found friendship and success at chestnut hill boarding school, but she feel like out sider. When the new horse Tybalt joins stable in chestnut hill, Malory is drawn to his wary and defensive nature. Malory has always trusted her instinct when it comes to horses but is she willing to bet her future at Chestnut Hill.
Heart of Gold: - In Chestnut Hill boarding school, Honey's made close friends at school but she didnít told to anyone that she has a twin then when new pony is injured, no one understands her dedication to a pony that's not even hers. But Honey doesn't know how to share her secret.
Playing For Keeps:- Feisty Hernandez was excited when she comes back to Chestnut Hill boarding school then she getting one letter from her home regarding academics score is very less and her parents are thinking she spends more time on horse riding then they decided to transfer another school but she sets out to change her parents decision.
Team Spirit:- After a bad performance by chestnut hill in a competition, girls start really critical of the Director of Riding-Dylan's aunt Ali, but Dylan starts a petition to keep Ali at the school. Throughout the term she keeps campaigning against the 'Three C's', but in the end she finds out there was never any danger of Ali leaving.
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