Dork Diaries Rachel Renee Russell Collection 8 Books Set

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Dork Diaries Collection 8 Books set inscribed by Rachel Renee Russell is the bestselling humorous children's book series of all time which chronicles the realistic middle school issues. Some of the events in the series are personal anecdotel of the author and her Daughters. Excellent Book series for those who are looking for simple and great fun book. Dork diaries are written in dairy format with wonderful illustrations.

Central character in the series is a Dorky girl named Nikki Maxwell. Her great challenge was to overcome the torments of Mackenzie. Entire books in the Dork Diaries Collection are the personal diary of Nikki which includes her drawings, doodles and comic strips. The Titles in this collection:
• Dork Diaries: OMG : All about me Diary!
• Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak
• Dork Diaries: How to Dork your Diary
• Dork Diaries
• Dork Diaries: Party Time
• Dork Diaries: Pop Star
• Dork Diaries: Skating Sensation
• Dork Diaries: Dear Dork

Description by Titles

The OMG: All about me Diary book is an bilateral guided journal containing Queries for you to answer for whole 2 years and also contain some answers, quotes and drawings by Nikki. As she knows that the great way to know about ourselves is by keeping a personal diary. It is kind of a year book in which you can go back a year and check out what you wrote for that year. The book is quite funny too.

Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak: Nikki dreaming of her dance with her new crush, Brandon in the Halloween dance which is the biggest dance of the year. But she hesitated to ask him to join with her because what if he disagree to her. She perceived that Brandon is taking Mackanzie as his partner for the Halloween party. Hearing that she felt very sad. Will her dream of dancing with Brandon come true?

Dork Diaries : How to Dork your Diary : Nikki lost her personal diary which she have been carrying with her all the time. She will go crazy looking for her diary everywhere along with her friends Chloe and Zoey. Nikki can’t help putting together a list of important diary-keeping lessons to remember in emergency situations like this. The book is packed with full of tips from Nikki on fun things to write about in your diary, with lots of space for readers to write and draw their own entries.

Another great fun Book of the Dork Diaries series is Dork Diaries, Nikki was not at all interested to attend the private school as part of the scholarship arranged by her father. She is totally a dork and different from others. She spends most of her time writing in her dairy. Throughout her school years she has to manage and overcome the bullies of Mackenzie. She will make new friends and new crush as well. Later on she started to adjust the school life.

The book Dork Diaries Party Time is very funny. Nikki started to love her school. Her new crush, Brandon even asks her to be his lab partner in science. This will make her extremely joyful. She agreed to join the Halloween at a Kids party for her little sister Brianna when she overhears that Brandon is taking Mackenzie to Halloween dance. Later she will found out that MacKenzie was lying.

Dork Diaries Pop Star: The Strong competition between Nikki and MacKenzie in the Talent Contest has been presented here. Mackenzie threatens her that she will tell the school about the fact that Nikki is only going to the school because the school gave her a scholarship. With her crooked tricks she will team up with Nikki's friends Chloe and Zoey. Nikki decided to form a new band group. Will she win the contest at any cost?

In Dork Diaries Skating Sensation, Nikki's school organizing a fundraiser show called Holiday on ice for charities. To skate and win Ten thousand dollars. It was very important for her to win the competition because Brandon also loves it as he volunteers for an animal shelter and it is closing down. So she team up with her best friends Chloe and Zoey and tried hard to skate for the animal shelter.

Dork Diaries Dear Dork: Mackenzie has started writing a gossip column in which she may write about her crush on Brandon, Nikki does not want that to happen. In order to stop her from writing she decided to join school Newspaper club in which she ends up working as Miss Know it All. It was fun for her, answering all her letters and solving other kid's problem. But the mailbox starts overflowing making a big trouble for her.

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