Fifty Shades Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set by E.L. James

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Fifty Shades Trilogy Series Collection Authored by E.L. James is one of the most Amazing and Thrilling Erotic Romance series ever. Fastest-selling Paperback. All the three books in the series are very interesting because of its wild romance, creepy twists and suspense's. An highly romantic series which will possess you forever.

The Three Books in the Fifty Shades Trilogy Series are Titled as:
1. Fifty Shades of Grey
2.Fifty Shades Darker
3.Fifty Shades Freed

The central characters in the series are a young cute girl named Anastasia Steele and an handsome business man named Christian Grey. The deep relationship between them has been enchanted in this Fifty Shades Trilogy series.

Christian Grey's and Ana's first meeting and about how their relationship starting are beautifully presented in the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey. Ana volunteered to do an interview for her friend, Kate. She interviews an intelligent, handsome, successful magnate, Christian Grey. At that instant itself she had fallen for him. Later, the two had fallen in deep love with each other but she didn't know about the dark secrets behind him. He is totally living in different world from others. Soon She will discover all negative mysteries of Grey. It was highly shocking for her. However, Christian asks her that whether she is interested in physical relationship with him, there are things he need to show her and paperwork she must do. He will tell Ana about the contract that she must sign if she is agree. It made her very sad and angry but still she is loving him very much knowingly or unknowingly.

The second book, Fifty Shades Darker begins with the Aftereffects of their Breakup. She starts a new career with US Publishing Firm mainly to ignore all memories about Grey. But her mind always focusing Grey only. This made her very crazy. Christian proposes a new arrangement where she cannot refuse. Soon she is learning more about her chilling past. But while Grey contends with his inner monsters, Ana must take most important decision because it is her future life decision.

The thrilling climax of their Love story has been narrated in the final book, Fifty Shades Freed of the Fifty Shades Trilogy series. Their ultimate dream, their wedding, their honeymoon trip and some strange things that happened in their life has been described in this book. After their marriage they are living in their own house which has been renovating. In the absence of Grey, Ana went out with Kate for Drinks. Meanwhile Jack plans to kidnap her but his attempt of kidnapping failed and her security got him arrested, but he got bail with the help of someone. The shocking and exciting scenes when she trapped under the game by Jack has been illustrated here.

The Fifty Shades Trilogy Series are mainly focused on the theme, Love and Relationship. The strange love story of Ana and Grey has been well written and beautifully presented in the series, Fifty Shades Trilogy. A good series of all time.

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