How to Talk So Kids and Teens Will Listen To Parent Collection 3 Books Set

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Published: 04th June 2017
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How to Talk So Kids and Teens will Listen to Parent Collection 3 Books Set are the Fabulous Bestselling Book Collection Authored by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, internationally famed, award winning experts on adult-child communication. The Books are specially devised for Parents who are facing difficulties in relationship with their children. Simple and Fast read Books packed with lots of proven techniques to solve common problems and build foundations for stable relationships.

Titles in the Collection :
How to Talk so Kids will Listen and listen so Kids will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, How to talk so teens will listen and listen so teens will talk.

Description by Titles

How to Talk so Kids will Listen and listen so Kids will Talk:

Teaches parenting skills that maintain the dignity and humanity of both parents and children. The book starts with an exercise that embellishes how it feels when someone's feelings are neglected. Mainly aimed to reverse the negative processes happening between parents and children. The Book designed like the workshops taught by the authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. New Skills and Techniques are introduced effectively using lively cartoon illustrations. These will encourage children to cooperate without harming their self-respect.

Siblings Without Rivalry:

A book which helps address problems related to sibling rivalry. Filled with amusing cartoons illustrating every day parent-sibling experiences. Teaches how parents can elucidate the problems between two siblings and provides suggestions on how to help children channel their aggression into creative avenues, and demonstrate how to treat children equally and avoid conflicts. The book is presented in an easy to read format and uses various techniques to engage parents with prompting change in their family.

How to talk so teens will listen and listen so teens will talk:

This is a book for parents of teenagers. Solve problem which your teenage children face usually and make them free from anxiety. An resourceful guide which contains inventive and creative ideas on how to provide a respectful approach to parenting during the troublesome teenage years and to build a meaningful relationship.

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